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Welcome to the ISGR PTA Blog!

With this new initiative, we now offer our members a more knowledgeable and accessible information about our missions and goals. It is also the place where you can find what the PTA has to offer during the school year and how you can contribute by being an active member and joining the PTA Team.
Go through all the pages: maybe you did not know how fun it is to belong to our groups or how rewarding it is to contribute to the well being of the ISGR community.

You are part of the action: the PTA provides a forum for people interested in school and local life, and it supports parents, teachers and staff who want to be actors of the progress for our children by exchanging new ideas and funding new projects.
And of course, you can always count on PTA other members to facilitate your integration at ISGR and in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Whether you are from Sweden or abroad, if you are a parent/guardian of a child at ISGR or working at ISGR, you are automatically a member of its PTA and you are welcome…
Recent posts

After School Activities 2020/20201

Another school year is nearly ready to start! 
If you are looking for activities for your child, please join our Facebook group dedicated to after school activities : Other activities will be open for registration soon.
After school sports activities are open for registration. You can find the up to date schedule, locations and how to join here at ISGR Sports Club:
Sports include: Mondays:Football (Girls – Grades 3-5) 16:00-17:00Monday Football (Boys - Grades 3-5) 16:00-17:00Tuesdays:Basketball (Grades 4-5) 16:00-17:00  TuesdayFootball (Grades 6-9) 16:00-17:00Wednesdays: Track & Field (Grades 5-8) 16:00-17:00Basketball (Grades 6-10) 16:00-17:00 in Landala Sports Hall. Thursdays:Dance (Grades 1-3) 15:00-16:00  KidsFootball (Grades 1-2) 16:00-17:00Cricket (Grades 5-10) 16:00-17:00 Fridays:Innebandy (Grades 4-7) 16:00-17:00 Dance (Grades 4-8)  16:00-17:00 Saturdays:Family Fun (For everybody). Different events …

Get ready for a new school year: JOIN THE PTA BOARD NOW!

This is a message from Laurence Herpelinck, Coordinator of the PTA team

Hello dear PTA members. 
Time flies and it will be the last year for my last child Nathan to attend ISGR from September 2020. If we want the PTA to continue, we need to have a new coordinator (PrĂ©sident officially) as I will not take that role again next school year, just continuing walking activities and after school STEAM Club. BUT I will be happy to teach someone or a group of people throughout the year about the missions it involves and how to contribute to creating a nice community spirit at ISGR while working together with school teachers and staff. Some of our present Board members will continue their missions and will be supporting and helping the new team throughout the year 20-21. This is a great opportunity so do not miss it, even if it is a voluntary part-time mission, it is a very rewarding one. Some of you already came to us before the Covid situation crushed all our projects and enthusiasm. So please …

ISGR PTA is supporting new after school activities program for students

It's often a challenge to register our children in activities after school, no?

For years, the PTA has always tried to support parents and students by answering their questions about this, as there is no specific program offered by ISGR. Hopefully, the Sports Club was created by Peter a few years ago and is now running well. Still there was room for other type of activities. ISGR had already allowed private teachers to use school premises for music lessons for example but this would not fulfil all the needs of our community. Some parents have as well developed their own clubs but it was not always easy to find information about those.
Now it's a new era that begins with a dedicated process for "Activity Leaders" to offer activities at school as well as there is a more transparent routine to register the children to those activities: a special thank you to Iris who did an amazing job on this!
From there, we hope the offer will grow and that ISGR will be able to present a…

English Club Canceled until After Easter

Dear English Club Students

We hope that you and your family in Sweden or abroad are safe and well in these challenging times.

We have decided that the sensible course of action is stopping English lessons until further notice. We hope we can meet again after the Easter Break (April 20th for us) but will of course see how the situation is.

We are sorry for this but hope you understand.

In the meantime as many of your children move to online learning, please feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with your group leader (if you don’t already have their contact details). Together we can all help each other, arrange online homework or just keep up conversational English-just from a distance

My email is

If you know fellow parents who don’t have Facebook please let them know about this.

We thank you for your understanding and hope everyone stays safe and healthy.


No English Club March 16th, 2020

Hi ISGR PTA members

My first time blogging!

Just a quick reminder to all English Club Members - NO English club on Monday March 16th. So, see you on Monday March 23rd, unless we need to postpone due to the Corona Virus. Lets hope not!
Enjoy the rest of the week